Pay-Per-Click advertising directs traffic to your website. It is the quickest way to get to the first page of Google, and it is also the most "flexible" because your ad can be started and stopped instantly. At Salas Digital you won't need to setup a contract.


Google Adwords Management (Pay-Per-Click)

We are confident we will fire-up your ROI (return on investment) when you invest in a PPC (pay per click) campaign for your business. PPC is the fastest route to page one google search results. Expensive Pennysaver or magazine ads virtually render zero results while depleting your marketing budget. With a PPC campaign, you get to choose your target audience, geographical location and you can set the monthly budget. The best part is that PPC ads are delivered to those who are already looking for your products and services and there are no limits to how many keywords you can use.

PPC works. It’s that simple. However, if your PPC campaign is not set up properly, it can have a negative effect on your marketing budget.


Here's how we make Pay Per Click work for you.

We always have your overall ROI as first priority. Running a pay per click campaign should be used as a supplement to your organic SEO efforts. PPC can be used to generate customer leads during non-peak business times. We have had much success for our clients by integrating pay per click with search engine optimization (SEO) as a marketing strategy. We are completely transparent in your google PPC campaign. We simply charge a management fee. What this means is We do not mark-up what google charges in your PPC ad and you have full access to your actual Google PPC account. You can see changes in real time.

Best of all, there's no contract!

Google Analytics reports, in real-time, in your dashboard screen

Salas Digital enables you to track your site using the latest Google Analytics tracking code and allows you to view key Google Analytics stats in your web site. In addition to a set of general Google Analytics stats, We allow further segmentation of your analytics data, providing performance details for each post or page from your website.

Google Analytics Real-Time Stats

  • Real-time number of visitors
  • Real-time acquisition channels
  • Real-time traffic sources details

Google Analytics Reports

  • Sessions, organic searches, page views, bounce rate analytics stats
  • Locations, pages, referrers, keywords, 404 errors analytics stats
  • Traffic channels, social networks, traffic mediums, search engines analytics stats
  • Device categories, browsers, operating systems, screen resolutions, mobile brands analytics stats